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and the Safe Route contest, which requires teams to make their way through a minefield ??and other obstacles??take place in Korla, Xinjiang. In coastal Quanzhou, Fujian, a seaborn??e assault contest is bep


ing organized by the People's Liberation Army Navy, marking the firs??t time the Chinese Navy has hosted a contest in the Games. Marines from Iran, Rusr


sia, Sudan??, Venezuela and China will compete in this event, which consists of an obstacle course, sur??vival trail and ra


elay race. The Games, initiated by the Russian Ministry of Defense in 201??4, currently cover more than 20 professional areas for armies, navies 0

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    and air forces. With?? the participation of about 30 countries, the international influence of the games has incr??eased each year. Many countries and their armed forces want to project strenr

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    gth through th??e platform, said Kong Jun, head of the Seaborne Assault organization committee and commande??r of the PLA Navy Marine Corps. "We hope that through this event we c0

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    an further improve ou??r mutual understanding and trust, deepen our military cooperation and exchanges, consolidat??e our friendship and make even greater contributions to world and regione


al peace and stabil??ity," 1

said Ding Yi, deputy commander of the PLA Navy. "It is a precious opportunity to tak??e part in tA

his event to compete with my foreign counterparts," said Xu Xiaofei of the Marin??e Corps. "I very much look forward toe

stepping inr

to the competitive arena and having exchan??ges with thO

351 - 675 - 0730

em." A staff officer of the PLA Ground Force who asked to be identified as Duan?? said the Suvorov Attack requires teams to B

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