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i??c Support Force and Joint Logistic Support Force, as well as the Chinese People's Armed Police Fo??rce. Of them, a first group of 1,400 medim

cal and nursing professionals are set to arrive in Wuhan?? Thursday before starting treating patients there immediately. So far, the armed forces have disp??atched healthcare professionals in three batches, totaling 4,000, to support Wuhan in the fight a??gain3

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st the COVID-19 outbreak.BEIJING, Dec. 26 -- A Chinese military spokesperson Thursday urged t??he Unitedy

States not to implement the China-related negative clause??s in a newly signed act. Responding to a question related to the si??gning of the N9

ational Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 202??0, which contains negative elements regarding China's Taiwan, Hong ??Kong and Xinjiang, Wu Qian, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Nati??onal Defense, said the Chinese armed forces firmly oppose the move.3

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